Luri / لری

خـُمونی: انجمن پیشرتن زَون لری


  آنونبی، اریک جان (1379). نومل بهندیل من زون لری. وانکور، کانادا: انجمن پیشرفت زبان لری.

(10 MB, available from the author)

.(1385) واژه نامه لری برایه روز جهانی زبان مادری. نشریه اینترنتی لور

Luri language development association …

The following book is a primer (learn-to-read book) with bird names in Southern Luri (Jawi variety of the Mamasani dialect).  It may be reprinted and distributed free-of-charge:

Anonby, Erik John. 2001. Bird names in the Luri language. Vancouver, BC: Anjoman-e pishraft-e zabān Lori. (10 MB, available from the author)

The following book contains a collection of articles on Luri language and culture:

Khodaee, Ebrahim (ed.). 2007. Luri cultural study for World Mother Tongue Day. Nashriyeh-ye interneti-ye Lur.

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